Nutshell Studies #2: Dark Bathroom

R ead the witness statement below, then scroll over the image to see the evidence.

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Date: November 1896

Deceased: Maggie Wilson

Witness: Lizzie Miller, a neighbor

“I roomed in the same house as Maggie Wilson, but knew her only from we met in the hall. I think she had ‘fits’ [seizures]. A couple of male friends came to see her fairly regularly.”

“On Sunday night, the men were there and there was a lot of drinking going on. Some time after the men left, I heard the water running in the bathroom. I opened the door and found her as you see her.”

A text description of this Nutshell is available.

1. The Bottle & Glass
One bottle and one glass contradict the witness statement that she had guests. Is there another possible crime scene nearby?

2. The Sink
The sink could contain evidence that she refreshed herself there, possibly as a result of illness from her disorder or alcohol.

3. The Tub Stopper
The stopper is not in the tub, which would be logical for someone drawing a bath. Her guests could've placed her here to revive her in the event of a "fit," though that seems unlikely.

4. The Legs
Her legs are in full rigor mortis, which indicates she may have been moved to the tub. Had she died here, her legs would fall in a more natural manner.

5. The Body
Autopsy will reveal if there is water in her lungs or blows to the head. The Medical Examiner will determine death by natural causes, intentional, or accidental drowning.